Blooming Blossom Bioplin - $ 23.00

BioNatural BioplinOmri Listed

Natural nitrogen captured from the atmosphere and converted to plant-available nitrogen in the root zone.

BioNatural Bioplin® is a liquid formulation, which is a blend of strains of Azotobacter. It contains efficient rhizosphere inhabiting, nitrogen fixing and plant growth promoter producing strains of Azotobacter.

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Blooming Blossom NutriFoliar - $ 25.00

BioNatural NutriFoliar Omri Listed

BioNatural NutriFoliar is a liquid formulation containing strains of Azotobacter.These bacteria are in their dormant forms and are suspended in clay based liquid formulation.

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Blooming Blossoms NutriTech - $ 25.00

BioNatural NutriTech Omri Listed

Bacteria which break free insoluble reserves of locked up phosphorus in agricultural soils.

BioNatural NutriTech® is a mixed culture liquid formulation of phosphate solubilizing species of Azotobacter and Bacillus. Phosphate solubilizing bacteria in BioNatural NutriTech® can solubilize insoluble phosphates by growing competitively on rhizosphere.

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