Hydrogen  (H), 1.01 Atomic Weight

(Major Element)

Hydrogen is a major element in plant growth, being the basis for all life on earth as part of the DNA molecule.  It is by far the most abundant element in the universe, making up 75% of the mass of all matter.  It is a major component of the sun and stars.  The planet Jupiter is also mostly Hydrogen, as are some recently discovered planets outside our solar system.  It is the lightest of all elements.

On Earth, Hydrogen ranks ninth in abundance amount the elements, representing 11% of the mass of sea water.  Very little Hydrogen is found in the atmosphere, less than one part per million by volume, as it continuously escapes into space.  Hydrogen combines directly with most of the lighter elements and with many of the heavier elements.   It is present in all living matter in the form of compounds in which it is combined with Carbon and other elements.

It would be possible to base the entire economy of the earth on solar and nuclear generated Hydrogen as a replacement to all other fuels.  Hydrogen is non-polluting, but its’ costs to produce are very high in relation to that of current hydrocarbon fuels.