BORON (B) 10.81 Atomic weight

(Micro Nutrient)

Boron constitutes 0.001% of the earth’s crust, and is necessary for the growth of land plants, and indirectly essential for animal life.  Boron is taken up by plants as borate.  It functions in plants in the differentiation of meristem cells.  It aids in the use and regulation of other elements, and in the production of sugar and carbohydrates.  It is essential for seed and fruit development.  It is not considered a poison, but excessive amounts tend to act as an unselective herbicide.  With Boron deficiency, cells may continue to divide but structural components are not differentiated.  “Brown Heart” and “Dry Rot” are among the disorders due to Boron deficiency.  Boron is non-mobile in plants, and a constant supply is necessary at all growing points.  Deficiency is first found in the youngest tissues of the plant.